Hustlin my onions…

Hey everybody,

Been on the road a lot lately, and have a lot of new work done come up out de kiln! I have some photos of new work and some work i made in the spring but am just now getting around to documenting.
My latest show was in Raleigh, NC over thanksgiving weekend and it was a disaster. Nice show, just nobody there to buy anything! That being said I am conjuring up ingredients for an etsy site for the holidays to make it easier for folks to buy wares directly from me. Until then, COME SEE MY TREASURES (hi how is your pottery?)



Ryan’s Den

Hey I have been running round a lot lately. Dizzy-time in I wish what is was a terraced camper van but it’s my truck.

The last three weeks have been spent traveling to Nashville, Louisville,and Memphis, for craft shows. Responses nave been mixed.
Thanks to all those who have come out and discovered my treasures. Imma gonna keep makin them for you. Here is a photo from Memphis

Here is another one from Nashville



I’ve been in the studio a lot this summer (photos coming soon) building up stock for my fall show season. I have one exhibition and several craft shows spread over the southeast. Below is the schedule of these shows, lease let me know if you have a free place to stay in any of these cities (except nashville).

Sept. 28- 30, TACA Fall Craft Fair, Nashville, TN

Sept. 29, TACA Biennial Exhibition: The Best of Tennessee Craft, TN State Museum, Nashville, TN.

Oct. 5-7, St. James Court, Louisville, KY.

Oct. 12-14, Pink Palace Art Show, Memphis, TN.

Nov. 2-4, Moss Rock Art Festival, Birmingham, AL. It’s actually in a suburb and should be a really nice show.

Nov. 23-25, Carolina Designer Craftsman Guild Holiday Show, Raleigh, NC. Very nice indoor show.

Dec. 7-8, Delectable Spectacle: Local Handmade Art, Fine Craft, and Food. Artifact Studio, Chattanooga, TN

*This is the 2nd annual Delectable Spectacle, and is an awesome opportunity for Chattanoogans to support all      local craftsmen and artisans for their holiday shopping. Friday night is an esplosion of great food and all-around debauchery. Will be hosted by Artifact this year.


oh lordy…

Well, I recently returned from a two-week session at Penland School of Crafts, where I was a studio assistant for my good friend/former employer Deborah Horrell, as well as co-teacher/ slip-casting guru Tom Spleth. It was a truly inspiring and motivating two weeks of hard work. I earned some new processes, including casting with clay slip, and revisited pate de vere, which is a process of packing glass particles in a mold and firing them in an electric kiln. I was very happy with my results and met some awesome folks in the process. Now i just have to figure out how the hell I make everything I want to make and keep it cohesive and marketable. Did I actually just say that?

In other words, I went raz on mongo’s beach, gotta grape gotta silent fountaing installed, got back to mom’s n saw new bread in de dust, I fought tizdale n brought munchies. Here are some photos:


New Photos, Snake Oven

Thought I’s show off a couple new images from a kiln I fired a month ago or so.

And some friends and I built a pizza oven in a back yard. We has some then this past weekend and tasted it. I said it was good and then tasted it again, realized the flavors; thas was the foremost favorite part from the pizza, it was formed then the flavors took over. Doc says after digestion take apart ten flavors, take a new fresh look at flavor all together. If you’d like to buys some I can get you pottery, it’s just a matter of how many pottery you like and will pay me for. I can send you a thrown piece or sculpt you a vessel, whichever sounds more flavorful.

Had a visitor to the studio, she does a great job writing and you should see her article here. Any time anybody wanna come by the studio and visit, we would love to have you. We are planning a show of handmade books which will open June 23rd. Watch for news at

Now a toto.


Thenna tizza


Dear Trevor, I opend It!

Well this past weekend was a good great one, as we had our grandé opening at ARTIFACT.  I had recently fired a kiln (as you may have read earlier) and everyone else had new work to show off as well. Really what was most rewarding though was seeing the space come to life. If you look back to the beginning of this blogroll, you can see pictures of what the space looked like in December, and now is is white as the brightest blright, the floor hath been scraped, and we built some badass walls-on-wheels where they display happens. I’ll let the pictures do the talkin


Reddy for de Journey…

Hi all, I just got back form firing a kiln and came out with some great results. I am making work in preparation for upcoming craft shows (see schedule below), and most importantly, for our grand opening at Artifact.

I have some brand new teapots, pitchers, noodle bowls, and tumblers I am excited about. Gotta bust em out, gonna get doused in mango and take my friends out for pizza at pepper-pie-pie in downtown craft town if you catch what I’m sprayin.

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My next few shows:

Artifact Studios, Chatanooga, TN, 4/21/12 @ 6:00

Magic City Art Connection, Birmingham, AL, 4/27- 4/29

TACA Spring Fair, Nashville, TN, 5/4- 5/6

Artisphere, Greenville, SC, 5/11- 5/13

If you are in Chattanooga definitely come see this:


Dear Blog…

I has been working on handmade pottery treasures lately, fooling around with some new teapots and pitchers and struggling through every second of it. Grigz sed “try a hollow handle try a cut dart outta bottom you’ll getta brainache”. Thanks grugz. Have some new prototypes to work with though… Mus clean the studio up a little today, as we are having a raffle kinda fundraiser at the studio, ARTIFACt, in order to raise a little cash towards our gallery space. There will be 15-20 items up for grabs, ranging from 30-300 dollars! Please check out website then get real and come give us at least 5 dollars and then we will show you movie True Stories, with funny and musics. Here are photos..ImageImage



Hey yall, i just got done firing a kiln, and you know what they say, if it dint fire it, it prolly fired it, prolly burnt it into a handmade beacon of  creative justice, it mighta got toasted in a hot hurt basin and transformed unto its own self via facebook via  D://run program pottery exe. I dont know how but i just formed a new theory about life itself in my own mind. Like inside my own mind. Here is some pottery its mostly production but hey i gotta make-a-da-cheese, dammit.