New Photos, Snake Oven

Thought I’s show off a couple new images from a kiln I fired a month ago or so.

And some friends and I built a pizza oven in a back yard. We has some then this past weekend and tasted it. I said it was good and then tasted it again, realized the flavors; thas was the foremost favorite part from the pizza, it was formed then the flavors took over. Doc says after digestion take apart ten flavors, take a new fresh look at flavor all together. If you’d like to buys some I can get you pottery, it’s just a matter of how many pottery you like and will pay me for. I can send you a thrown piece or sculpt you a vessel, whichever sounds more flavorful.

Had a visitor to the studio, she does a great job writing and you should see her article here. Any time anybody wanna come by the studio and visit, we would love to have you. We are planning a show of handmade books which will open June 23rd. Watch for news at

Now a toto.


Thenna tizza


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