oh lordy…

Well, I recently returned from a two-week session at Penland School of Crafts, where I was a studio assistant for my good friend/former employer Deborah Horrell, as well as co-teacher/ slip-casting guru Tom Spleth. It was a truly inspiring and motivating two weeks of hard work. I earned some new processes, including casting with clay slip, and revisited pate de vere, which is a process of packing glass particles in a mold and firing them in an electric kiln. I was very happy with my results and met some awesome folks in the process. Now i just have to figure out how the hell I make everything I want to make and keep it cohesive and marketable. Did I actually just say that?

In other words, I went raz on mongo’s beach, gotta grape gotta silent fountaing installed, got back to mom’s n saw new bread in de dust, I fought tizdale n brought munchies. Here are some photos:


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