Been Crankin/ Fit ot Travel/ Bean and Bailey

Lordy, I been makin a lottta treasures

Well this week is gonna be a crazy one, as I am packing up my van and heading out to Des Moines, Iowa, for the Des Moines Arts Festival. It will be the furthest I have traveled so far for a show, and that’s only the beginning, as I travel to Denver the next weekend for Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

So needless to say, I have been very busy preparing for these shows! (Which is awesome)

I have returned to making more mugs and bud vases and bread and butter like that, as well as some new tall basket forms and larger low cylinders that I am very excited about.

My glaze palette is slowly evolving as well, and will be changing more this summer. Switching my firing process from gas-firing to electric-firing has been more arduous that I expected, but I am beginning to see the light and understand how to use my new glazes.

I guess I could shed some light on why, briefly:

My old glazes were formulated to melt (turn into glass) at around 2350 degrees, and to interact with the atmosphere around them, which WAS burning propane– an atmosphere lacking in OXYGEN. This atmosphere is very different from the atmosphere inside my new electric kiln, which is full of oxygen. AND, the new electric kiln is only firing to around 2200 degrees. SO, i had to find new glazes that melt at lower temperatures, and do not need to react with the atmosphere around them to achieve the effect I desire.


Fresh-glazed tall baskets etc. reddy to load!

Fresh-glazed tall baskets etc. reddy to load!

That’s a shot of the pots after they are glazed, but not yet fired. The glaze goes on in liquid form, but quickly dries into a fragile powdery coating. When fired, that coating fluxes out and melts into a thin layer of glass on the surface of the pot.

I’ve been packing everything into totes and getting them ready to load in my van. I am having to take much more work than usual, as both of these shows are open 10-12 hours a day (WHAA!?!?!) and i cannot come back and re-stock. The pots have really been piling up…

IMG_2156Pretty dang excited about these new sandwich plates, too….


Jessie (my amazing wife) and I had our first show exclusively featuring our new line of slip-cast work– Bean and Bailey Ceramics. It was in Nashville, and people were very receptive.

Since then, we have launched both our website and online store, you can visit them both through


We have made some work we are very proud of, and have a lot of ideas we are excited to execute, including new forms and surfaces. The process is completely different from hand-building and wheel-throwing, which is refreshing and inspiring.

I hope you will go check out and see all that we’ve been working on. Jessie make the website and the online store, which are both beautiful, and she took all the photos.

I will be posting more work for sale on my website after I reeturn form my trip, so stay tuned for fresh treasures!!!