Little bit of Cheese


I went to Lebannon, TN last weekend to make some pots for a potter I used to work for and still fire a kiln with from time to time. It has been a while since I’ve been in super production mode like this, and it felt pretty alright. My buddy John Sellberg does it all the time, making her pots and his, which amazes me. My body starts to break down after making this much stuff and finishing it in a couple days. It is good to keep your hands that busy though and really hone in on making subtle adjustments. It’s just building up more muscle memory and showing you where you are obviously developing bad habits and losing efficiency. I also made some utensil cylinders not shown here. Last weekend also drove it home how little money you can make off a mug, especially if you are pulling handles off the pot, which I wasn’t even doing here. Throwing is the fastest part, but it’s hard to charge twice as much for a mug as you would for a cup about the same size. Anyways, nice to make a little cheese and then come home to my studio where jessie and I did a bunch of slip casting the past couple of weeks. Now we fit to test glazes and see what kinda fury we can evoke with our Bean & Bailey wares. Stay tuned for more treasures.


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