De Plaster Be Flowin

New Mustard Mixing hat

New Mustard Mixing hat

Hey everybody hope your holidays were bangin. The stars and planets have kinda aligned in my world in that it’s a very slow time of the year for most anybody selling anything to anybody else… so, Jessie and I have finally kicked into gear with our slip-casting project we received a grant for back in October. We have been casting blanks out of Plaster, carving them, and made a mold or two as well.




During and after carving, sanding

During and after carving, sanding

Been using different vessels to make the blanks, including beer cans, coddle boards, and tar-paper cylinders. Then we carve them up using sure-forms, scrapers, cutters, sandpapers, gitters, and what-you-needs. After the desired shape is achieved, we set it up, soap it up, and either build or pour the mold out of plaster.IMG_1576Jessie’s half-gem hanging planter, inverted.


IMG_1594The finished mold.

Ive been making more cups, images to follow….



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