Return from Northwest

Hey all. I have recently returned from a working vacation out to Portland OR, with a tantric jaunt up to Seattle as well. I was fortunate to work again for the amazing and talented Deborah Horrell, whom I worked for from 2008-2010. Deborah is a ceramist, glass artist, painter, sculptor, illustrator, you name it, and the hardest-working artist I have encountered. She is working on a large body of work for a show and book right now, and we were busy as all hell. She was in the thick of two large installations, several enamel paintings, and some solid-cast bird heads. I did what I could to help… Click on de image for bigger pictures.

Outside of work, I pretty much just ate tons of awesome food and visited with homies. Jessie came out later on and we took a trip up to Seattle. It snowed like the bejesus up there, and the train ride ended up taking us ten hours. ‘Twas a very inspiring trip.


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